Sequence (length: 217):

TOCCATA Profile Length Z-Score Sequence Range
d.93.1.0 99 18.93 58-157
b.34.2.0- 78 11.57 150-217
b.34.2.1- 128 9.04 1-105
d.93.1.1-3.30.505.10 206 8.09 2-217

GLmol -- Molecular Viewer on WebGL/Javascript
Version 0.47 (20120829)

This program is redistributed under the LGPL license, viewable on this webpage's source code. Please visit the project page for more details and source code distribution.

How to use

  • Rotation: left button
  • Translation: middle button or Ctrl-key + left button
  • Zoom: mousewheel or right button(up/down) or Shift-key + left button(up/down)
  • Slab: left button + Ctrl-key. horizontal move adjusts near clipping plane, vertical move far clipping plane.

You can also change mouse mode with radio buttons at right-bottom corner.

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