TIMBAL is a database containing small molecules that modulate protein-protein interactions. It was first created in 2008, by manually curating information extracted from relevant scientific publications. An analysis of the data was published in 2009, (Higueruelo et al, 2009). The growth of data in the past years makes hand-curated databases a phenomenally time-consuming task. The maintenance of TIMBAL is done now through automated searches on the ChEMBL database (currently using ChEMBL_20). The list of known PPI targets (thank you!) and its orthologs has been transtaled into UniProt codes. These codes are then used in ChEMBL for searching small molecule data related to these proteins in binding assays with confidence that the assay is directly assigned to either a single protein or its homolog (for example, binding affinity to Bcl-XL by isothermal titration calorimetric assay) or to a protein complex or its homologs (such as p53/MDM2 complex).

Please send us new PPI targets not in the current TIMBAL list:

* 14-3-3 * Adenylyl Cyclase Annexin A2 * ARF1 * AuxinIAA Bcl-XL and Bcl-2 Beta-catenin BIII BRD2 BRD4 BRDT CD154 CD74 CD80 (B7-1) Clathrin c-Myc CRM1 Cyclophilins E2 HIF-1a IL-2 * Immunophilin FKBP1A Integrins Keap1 K-Ras LMO2 * Max MDM2 MDMX MLL Neuropilin-1 Plk1(PBD) PPAR-gamma Rac1 Rad51 RGS4 RRTF1 S100B * SOD1 STAT3 STAT5 Sur-2 Tak1 TNFa ToxT * Transthyretin * Tubulin UL42 XIAP ZipA

SM for the targets marked with * are stabilisers of PPI