The FPSPD is a suite of programs for functional residues recognition based on prediction of Functional Protein Sequence Patterns.
The suite is composed, at present, by a database of functional patterns derived from the structurally-aligned homologous families in the HOMSTRAD database (FPSPD), a program for predicting functional patterns from solely amino acid sequences (FPSPD_P) and a program for predicting active sites from solely amino acid sequences (FPSPD_A)



Introducting the FPSPD
Method used in the FPSPD program
How to use FPSPD
Input file examples
Results interpretation


Sequence Patterns derived from the Automated Prediction of Functional Residues in Structurally-Aligned Homologous Protein Families
Ricardo Núñez Miguel
Bioinformatics, 2004, 20:2380-2389

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