Evolutionary Trace Result

Innis C.A., Shi J. and Blundell T.L. (2000), Protein Eng., 13(12), 839-847.

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Data file


Original input alignment ori.seq What we received
Input alignment in PIR format target.pir Format change only (w/o family code)
Alignment between input seq and HOMSTRAD(PLUS) family (w/ family code)
Alignment used for evolutionary trace Text
Parsed for consistency with corresponding pdb files (if any)
Distance matrix for the alignment target.dst Input to KITSCH
KITSCH output target.kitsch
Parsed PDB files (2 in total) 1bmp.pdb    1tgj.pdb    Download these PDB files if you want to use the Molscript and RasMol script files (see individual structure mapping pages at the bottom) to reproduce high quality pictures for these structures.
Raw trace data for each partition 01.trace    02.trace    03.trace    04.trace    05.trace    06.trace    07.trace    08.trace    09.trace    10.trace   
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Phylogenetic Tree

Red lines are the partition cut-offs

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Evolutionary Trace

Grey shades indicate buried residues in the structures

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Evolutionary Trace Mapped to Each Structure

1bmp    1tgj   

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