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Protein Structure Modelling  



  • Need help running RAPPER for X-ray crystallographic calculations like map fitting and refinement? Take a look at the X-ray calculations HOW-TO for an introduction. There's more information about crystallographic refinement with RAPPER in the refinement HOW-TO.

  • For external users: Documentation on how to use the web interface for loop modelling and comparative modelling will be coming soon...

  • For internal users: Trying to model sidechains with RAPPER? Take a look at the original documentation on sidechain modelling by Reshma Shetty, author of the sidechain modelling code.

Raven compute cluster

For internal users, read the PBS Users Guide for how to submit jobs to the queue.

Bioinformatics Community Resources

Bioinformatics Directory - bioinformatics related news, books and web resources.

Documentation for CCP4

CCP4 documentation
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