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Protein Structure Modelling  


  • Download a current binary of RAPPER for Mac OS X, FreeBSD, and Linux:


    Tar/gunzip the distribution -- it will create a subdirectory called rappermc. The rapper script is called rappermc/rapper and should detect your architecture type. Try running './rappermc/rapper help' to test that the installation is correct.

    If you do download the program, please also join the RAPPER modelling Yahoo! group to keep up to date with the continually evolving RAPPER project.

  • Need help running RAPPER for X-ray crystallographic calculations like map fitting and refinement? Take a look at the X-ray calculations HOW-TO.

  • Example commands file for current version of RAPPER, examples.rtf.

  • Here are the decoy sets generated for the studies published by de Bakker et al. and DePristo et al.

  • Here are the Cα-trace models from DePristo et al.

  • Sidechain Conformer Library derived for the study published by Shetty et al.

  • Download the supplementary material for the DePristo et al. paper "Heterogeneity and inaccuracy in protein structures solved by X-ray crystallography"

  • Download the models used in the paper "Crystallographic refinement by knowledge-based exploration of complex energy landscapes" by DePristo et al.:
    • 9ILB (interleukin-1beta) models
    • 1KX8 (chemosensory protein A6) models
    • Lysozyme mutant models
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