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Protein Structure Modelling  

RAPPER image gallery

Cα-trace modelling of an α-helix

φ/ψ-maps used in RAPPER to constraint sampled backbone conformations

50 ab initio models of a short, double disulfide-bonded signaling peptide

1000 ab initio models for a eight-residue loop in Retinoic Acid Binding Protein
The framework protein is shown as a cartoon, the native loop in CPK, and the loop models are translucent rods.

Electron density fitting from the structure of BRAC2 in complex with RAD51 at 1.9 Å resolution
The manually-built and refined model from Luca Pellegrini, published in Nature, 2003, contoured at 1 sigma in a 2Fo-Fc map
The RAPPER model without refinement, in the electron density map defined by the Luca structure

Electron density fitting and refinement with RAPPER on human interleukin-1β at 2.3 Å resolution
Human interleukin-1&beta in cartoon view
Manual and RAPPER models from the core of h-IL1β. The manual model is in red, its associated electron density in grey, while the RAPPER model is in blue and its electron density in wheat.
Structural degeneracy in a surface loop detected by RAPPER. The manual model is in red, the RAPPER model in blue, and the electron density map of the RAPPER model in wheat.

Cα-trace modelling of immunoglobulin light-chain (PDB code 1IGD) from DePristo et al.
The mainchain (blue) of the crystal structure 1IGD The Cα restraints of 1 Å derived from the Cα atoms of 1IGD
The model generated by RAPPER for the previous restraint network Cα-trace model (green) and the native (blue) mainchain of immunoglobulin

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