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Protein Structure Modelling  

The RAPPER Team (past and present)

RAPPER has been in development since January, 2000.

Paul de Bakker (2000--2003)
In 2003, I finished my PhD work on restraint-based modelling in the Blundell lab. Since then, I have moved on to join David Altshuler's group in the Department of Molecular Biology of Massachusetts General Hospital and at the Broad Institute in Boston for postdoctoral training in medical and population genetics. We are interested in the contribution of common genetic variants (SNPs) to risk to common diseases, primarily type 2 diabetes and hormone-responsive cancers like breast and prostate cancer. We are also part of the International HapMap Consortium which aims to build a detailed map of human genetic variation to make disease association studies more efficient and more powerful.

Mark DePristo (2001--)
Is currently finishing up his dissertation and has started a short postdoc position in Dennis Bray's group in the Dept. of Anatomy at Cambridge working on modelling the bacterial chemotactic pathway. Following his viva, Mark intends to join a research programme in systems biology, synthetic biology, or evolutionary biology in Boston.

Reshma Shetty (January--July 2002)
Reshma is now a graduate student in the Biological Engineering Division at MIT working in Tom Knight's group on synthetic biology in the Computer Science and Artificial Intelligence Laboratory.

Nick Furnham (June 2003--)
Currently working on the comparative mode of RAPPER and looking to develop further into resolving experimental data, especially in relation to NMR.

Swanand Gore (September 2003--)
Is interested in loop modelling, ab initio structure prediction, and generating an exhaustive database of conformations for small peptides.

Click here for a picture of Paul and Mark, taken outside the Sanger building during the summer of 2002.

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