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Protein Structure Modelling  


  • Download a current binary of RAPPERtk for Mac OS X, FreeBSD, and Linux:

    [Build date: July 21 2011]: ../downloads/rtk.tgz [Warning, this file is 60.25 MB].

    Downoad and use of this software is free for academic users and only for academic use.
    Other users need to contact us and get a licensed copy.
    Note that this software comes with no explicit or implied warranty.


    • Note that we develop and use RapperTK generally with following setup : We expect that things will work smoothly even if you have later versions of any of these properly installed. If not, we will troubleshoot your problems and make an entry in FAQs.
    • Download the RapperTK distribution and uncompress it (tar xvzf rappertk.tgz) to get rappertk directory and get into that directory (cd rappertk).
    • Run 'make check' to see the environment variables that need to be setup, and set them. Use the rappertk/usertk file to enter these environment variables and next time just source usertk.
    • Run 'make clobber ; make depend ; make'. After this, run 'make' again to check if everything was compiled correctly.
    • Run 'make tests' to run all testcases and verify that rappertk is running properly on your machine.
    • Report problems or desirable feature additions by mailing rappertk-at-googlegroups.com.
© 2001-2006 The RAPPER Team